This site is a personal site, its about the things the author loves to do, some reviews and informational post. So I guess its basically about the author/ owner? Its not totally who I am, not about drama stories and problems, its just about the things I like. Sharing some of my fun experience and such.

As of now I’ll post some about

EAT – Need I say more? Its about food. Food I tried , planning to and food I made myself(if I do. haha)

TRAVEL – Its about trips I went to, my experience and what I think about the trip, and  maybe cover all expenses made.

ANIME – Anime lover here. So yeah, some updates and reviews about anime are here.

KPOP – Its about Korean Music and Korean Drama, Idols and Groups. I’ll keep my fangirling mode here ^.^

OTHERS – Things that doesnt fall on the above categories, mostly random stuffs.

About the Author

gray            Tsubaki Nara, yes that’s me! I’m not a professional writer or a English major type of person so I may surprise you with my grammatical errors and weird words. If you do I’m sorry for that and dont hesitate to tell me. I’m just me writing about things that interest me. I write for fun.

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