Dinner at Big D’s Smokehouse

Last night was my second time at Big D’s Smokehouse. It was definitely worth coming back. Ohhhh the ribs baby! The savory soft bone ribs. Try it out and I’m sure you wont regret it either. Big D’s is located at Eastwood City, Quezon City.

We are a group of 9 people. So we asked for 3 orders of ribs platter which includes 2 slabs of ribs served with 2 rice and sides of 2 corn and drinks of iced tea. We divide it like 3 persons in one platter, and since each platter is only served with two rice, we ordered 3 extra rice so there is rice for each of us. Waiting time is 8 to 15 minutes.

While waiting . . .


waitingwaiting waiting

Food is served, lets dig in!!!

Ribs platter at Big D's


I love the corn, the soft ribs, the bbq sauce. All of it. We just dig in like theres no tomorrow. hahaha  Satisfied and happy tummy. I even got take out. Its all company expense team building or should I just say just dinner, so yeah its free. Thanks. ^______^  haha

Big D's Smokehouse


P.S  :

tired of waiting
ona gaka peko peko

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