Its All a Lie? May 16 Release Date of BigBang MADE Concert in PH

May 16, 2015 should be the release date of the concert but until now, May 19, tickets are not yet available. As a fan, Im kinda disappointed about this. I was so excited that morning when I go to SM ticket at Makati and even expected that a lot of early birds are there too. But there was no selling of tickets yet. Sigh. As per the teller said, tickets may still be on hold by the promoter. She said that better to see their website as they update it there quickly. And Better yet to buy it online once available. Credit Card is a requirement in order to buy tickets online on their site. Even ticket price list are still unknown today. I read some facebook comments that release of tickets will be on May 30, 2015. Although there was no proof, but I I always read it that’s its on May 30. VIPs here in the Philippines are eager to know, and so I am!!

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