Jellies Exhibit: Ocean Park

This was the best part of our whole trip at Manila Ocean Park last October of 2017. Jellies Exhibit was like a magical room. Seeing jelly fish float with those colors, you cant help but to stare and get curious about those creatures.

The first room has aquariums showing us some of the many kinds of jelly fish.At the end of it was a big aquarium filled with a lot of jellies. It was a relaxing sight. I learned that there is this like a fan inside those aquariums that makes the jellies go round and round and keep moving it would be more pleasing toJellies_exhibit7_20171018_102721 Jellies_exhibit4_20171018_102720 Jellies_exhibit6_20171018_102721 Jellies_exhibit9_20171018_102723 Jellies_exhibit10_20171018_102723 Jellies_exhibit1_20171018_102718 Jellies_exhibit3_20171018_102719 Jellies_exhibit2_20171018_102719 Jellies_exhibit5_20171018_102720 Jelliesexhibit10_20171017_092144 Jelliesexhibit8_20171017_092143

Jelliesexhibit4_20171017_092140 Jelliesexhibit9_20171017_092143Jelliesexhibit6_20171017_092141 Jelliesexhibit5_20171017_092141 Jelliesexhibit7_20171017_092142

The next room has these tank of filled with more jellies. I can see them more clear and up close on this display

Jelliesexhibit1_20171017_092139Jelliesexhibit3_20171017_092140 Jelliesexhibit2_20171017_092139

PS: Be careful of those mirrors. I was so close into getting my head knock off into one of those . HAHA

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