Meet Koji Seto: one of my favorite Japanese artist ^^. Who is he? well, Setomaru is a Japanese actor and a singer too and I think he also do dancing. WooaH! how talented is that!! Are there any fans of Japanese artist here? Then tell me coz’ I’ll keep writing stuff about them. hahah

What I like about setomaru is his acting, he is superb! he can do both comedic and dramatic stuff. I also like the way his lips are. I find it cute. I love him when he do funny stuff I saw a lot of it in youtube.. haha. I first saw him in the drama “Atashinchi no danshi” He plays the role of sotaru one of the adapted sons of a rich man. He was a genius magician but because of some sort of scandal he locked himself in his room, never comes out of it. He was kinnda shy type in this one. When i first saw his appearance my first impression was “cute”, and indeed he is! He is kindda like fell in love for their mother( well not really mother, hard to explain you should watch it.) because she was the one who helped him overcome his problems. But the situation is funny because his 2 adapted brothers have a feeling like that too with that woman. One of the scenes that i will not forget: they dressed him up as a maid..i don’t know what reason but its kindda awkward and funny at the same time.

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Second one was Koizora, he plays the role of hiro, a cool type guy who is very agressive like gangster or something. I like the way he looks there. His hair is bleached so cool. His acting really made me in tears I was so sorry for his character. After watching this drama I keep thinking and thinking of him in that role. I can’t even sleep for a night after that. i don’t want that to happen to him so tragic. You should also watch this one and be ready to burst your tears.


Then after watching this two i keep on searching of his dramas and movies. I was totally into him?? i dunno i’m just happy i got to know about him . I’m really ^_______________________^

Check out his other dramas and movies. These were the ones  I’ve watch:

  • Runway Beat
  • I  Don’t Have Many Friends
  • Otomen
  • Happy Boys
  • Rinne no Ame

Still on my list

  • Teen Court
  • Ju – On
  • Tumbling
  • Sadako and lots and lots more

Did you know that the name setomaru was a  name he made for himself. It  during Tenimyu days, as he is portraying Kikumaru, an acrobatic tennis player. Seto + maru (kikumaru) = Setomaru.

Setomaru is so photogenic, the camera loves him. Here are some pictures.

Normal look, the cute look


The bad-ass look


The sexy side of setomaru


With Black hair


Pouty lips


Grown up dude in formal suit


As Kikumaru Ejie


Snack time shot


Koji Seto as Luffy from One Piece


Setomaru Girl version


Setomaru… has gone bald,, slightly, kekeke


He is also in a band named tetra fang and their in to rock music. Some of their songs are supernova and individual system which are awesome. I wish i could meet him personally.. sigh how i wish. oh i totally forgot, he will be celebrating his 27th birthday on May 18. Happy birthday koji seto ! ! !. This is the main reason why i wrote this post hahaha to greet him.. guys let’s greet him all a happy birthday. END  NOTE: I already posted this on my account on bubblews last may19, 2013


2 thoughts on “MEET KOJI SETO

  • June 27, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    I’m an Italian girl which fell in love with Setomaru….
    I totally agree with your post… his talent is 360° wide, his lips are mhm so kissable… and i love the moles (beauty marks) under his eyes…
    I’m watching all the dramas/movies he did… I wish I could meet himfor real!! <3
    Next time I'll go to Japan I'll look for him!!

    • August 15, 2017 at 3:41 pm

      .lets go look for him together then,


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