New Fav: Anime Inspired Jersey and Jacket

Hi guys! Here is yet another of those my starting collection. Its my jersey plus jacket collection, not just any normal jerseys out there. Its anime inspired. Jersey and jacket of my favorite characters from anime series. How cool is that! well for anime fan like me it is, it feels great having these. Its not that of a huge collection but still I want to share it to you guys. Yes since its a jersey, I want it silk like. Micro shine as they say.

Anime: Haikyuu!

Team: Karasuno

Character: Yuu Nishinoya — Jersey no. 4

I like Noya, the Libero. He always goes for the ball even if its impossible to return. He’s like a hero on hard situations. He’s funny and annoying

This is the first jersey I ever got for myself. I got it from someone on facebook. It was second hand only used once according to the owner. Its a set: jersey and shorts. I got it for 500 php plus 150 shipping fee total of 650. Rate: 7/10 — since I think the sleeves are too long for me, since its not made for my size

Karasuno no.4 shirt

Anime: Haikyuu!!

Team: Nekoma

Character: Kenma Kozume — Jersey no. 5

Kenma is the setter,the brain and heart of the team as they say. What I like about him is that, he’s too introverted and has no expressions, like he doesn’t care much to anything that happens. I somehow get that personality.

I got it from online shop from facebook called KawaiiMimi MTO shop. I got it for 850 php for the jersey and shorts. I ordered it along with my Seigaku jersey. So two jersey for 150 shipping fee. They said estimated time of arrival is 2-3 weeks. But I think I waited for a month. I made down payment November 5 and received the items December 4. Buts its okay, the wait is worth it. I was satisfied with their work. Rate: 8/10 — its just because the waiting time is too long.

Nekoma no.5 shirt

Anime: Prince of Tennis

Team: Seigaku

Character: Ryoma Echizen

Ryoma, a tennis genius. He just a cool kid and knows a lot about Tennis.

I got it from KawaiiMimi MTO shop for 950. I don’t know exactly why its not the same price with Nekoma jersey. Comes with black shorts that he use in game. Rate 8/10 — I should have gave it a 9 but waiting time is too long. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure that the print is well dry before washing it, and be careful not to wash it too hard. The print may be ruined.

Seigaku shirt
Anime: Prince of Tennis

Team: Seigaku

Character: Ryoma Echizen

I just love Ryoma, I have his his jersey and now his jacket too. Super!

I got it from Ms. Arcie Arce Opigal, she is the owner of Arcie’s Place. I ordered it last February and they have this valentines promo: Two jackets for 1,599 php. I paid it February 2 and received it February 22. My order was Seigaku and Yuri Plisetsky but the Yuri jacket I gave it to my friend as a birthday gift. I requested for the fabric to be silk like. Rate 7/10 — the  print was just computer print. I mean its just like a sticker, maybe after many wash it will peel off. And the front its not good if  you notice. But over all its still wearable and worth the price.

Anime: Yuri on Ice

Character: Yuri Plisetsky

I haven’t finished watching Yuri on Ice but I already got interest on Yuri’s Russia Jacket. So Before Valentines promo ends at Arcie’s Place, I already placed my order. Same fabric

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