St. John Paul II Parish Eastwood City

I admit I’m not that religious kind of person who has a standard schedule of going to church. But this day, I felt the urge and the must to attend a mass.

Today is Thursday. I wish it was Wednesday so it was a Novena mass that I attended to. Its a shame that its only my second time to visit St. John Paul II Parish here in Eastwood City, even though I live close to it.

So yeah I went to visit the church to give thanks for the blessings and mainly to ask help to Him. The place was clean and quiet. The surroundings was pleasing to the eyes. Its kinda small compared to usual church that we see but the important is people visit there and believe that there is a House of the Lord.

St. John Paul II Parish

St. John Paul II Parish dress code

Here is the Mass Schedule for everyday

St. John Paul II Parish Mass Schedule

One thought on “St. John Paul II Parish Eastwood City

  • December 29, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    Hi! Do you know if they’ll follow the regular mass schedule on sunday dec 31, 2017? Thank you.


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