Shimeji: My New Pet

Sometimes, or should I say often times, my eyes
get fed up of the view that I always see on my
screen. When I’m at work I get bored with the
things I see on my pc since I always see them
everyday. Good thing I discovered about this
Shimeji. I saw someone posted about it on google
+, got interested and tada!! I have bunch of them
now. They are fun to watch and are sooo cute.

Shemeji is an app that does nothing but just being
cute. It stays on your pc like a pet but you dont
have to feed or pet them. They can do actions like
sit, climb, crawl and a lot more. And if it gets
bored maybe it will move your browser, haha.
They can multiply and you can also add different
kinds of them. As for me, I have Law, Ichigo,
Hibari. I also have kyo sauhma, break, killua, ace, tsuna, pein
and another law on my pc at office.

I find it fun staring at them and what they are
doing, since I cant afford to not stare at my
monitor at my work i just opt to this than to
browse stuff.

Shimeji: My New Pet

Shimeji: My New Pet Shimeji: My New Pet



Download Shimeji App from this site>> or just click this to download >>
>Extract or unzip it.
>By default the app already has two characters on
it (shimeji and kuroshimeji), go on and try it
first.Open Shimeji-ee_1.0.3_Mischievous folder
and click on the excutable jar file, select all and
tada!! Shimeji and kuro shimeji will show up.
> Want to add other characters?, go on to these sites
and you can find bunch of them.


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